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Ignite Burlington 2014 | Speaker Spotlight – Taraleigh Weathers

Speaker Spotlight - Taraleigh Weathers

Presentation:  How to Rock Your Life After Loss

Taraleigh Weathers guides people who are in love with live music who want to bring the authentic expression of themselves that they let out at music festivals and shows into their everyday lives. She is a published best selling author and retreat and event producer. Basically Taraleigh loves rocking people’s lives!

“How to Become a Joy Addict: The 12 Step Program” is Taraleigh’s next highly anticipated book and is slated for release early 2015. In the meantime you can enjoy reading Taraleigh’s words in her column Music Turns Me On for the The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and on her blog www.taraleighlovesyou.com

Get your own all-access pass to a joyful and abundant life by going to www.taraleighlovesyou.com and put yourself on the list.

Email:  taraleigh@taraleighlovesyou.com
Twitter:  taraleighlove
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/taraleighlovesyou
Instagram:  taraleighlove
Youtube:  www.youtube.com/taraleighlove 

Reserve your Ignite tickets here.
Ignite Burlington info:  www.hergenrotherfoundation.org/events  

Ignite Burlington 2013 Speaker Videos | Hannah Kirkpatrick & Aaron Fastman

If you missed Ignite Burlington 2013, you can now catch up on all the speaker action!
Up first, is Mrs. Vermont America 2013, Hannah Kirkpatrick (and today is her birthday! Happy Birthday, Hannah!) and Aaron Fastman, a small business entrepreneur based in Burlington.
Click below to watch the videos and let us know what you think!  We’ll be releasing two videos a week for the next couple of weeks as we gear up to announce Ignite Burlington 2014 speakers!

We are still interviewing speakers for this year’s event!

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know as an Ignite Burlington speaker, please email hallie@adamhergenrother.com

We’re looking forward to having a packed house, inspiring the community, and raising funds for Hergenrother Foundation.  Our goal is to hold our first Youth Leadership Camp in the summer of 2015!

Tickets will be available for sale starting in September.

Questions?  Need more information? Or want to volunteer?  Email info@hergenrotherfoundation.org.