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Ignite Burlington 2013 | Speaker Spotlight – Ela Wojtowicz

Speaker Spotlight - Ela W


Speaker:  Ela Wojtowicz

Presentation: Cultivating Perseverance: Why CP Doesn’t Stand for Cerebral Palsy, Anymore

Elizabeth (Ela) Wojtowicz is a Yoga teacher, Yoga student, disability activist, humanitarian, lover of life and a member of the non-profit “Off the Mat, Into the World.”  Ela was born premature and was given the gift and blessing of Cerebral Palsy.  Says Ela, “I was given this gift as a way and as an intention to bring awareness, acceptance, and grace through Yoga and Meditation.  Yoga is about how you want to show up in the world, through your heart.  Loving yourself where you are, and not whether you can get your leg over your head.  As my dear teacher, mentor, and inspiration, Seane Corn says, ‘You do not need to be strong or flexible to create a work of art.'”

Ela is also a member of the Handel Group Life Coaching Teleseries “Life Coaching for Yoga Practioners,” where she is learning to stand in the present with her truth and dream at the same time.  Ela’s goal is to own an adaptive yoga studio called Sacred Common Ground Yoga.    

Ela believes in the power of Yoga.  Yoga is art.  Yoga is life.  Through her journey of self-discovery and transformation, Ela is learning that she does not have a disability, just different ABILITIIES.

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